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MetaFinance is our subsidiary and is committed to offering the most efficient study abroad loans, enabling students to pursue their dreams of overseas education. By bridging the financial gap, MetaFinance turns students’ aspirations of studying abroad into reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why MetaFinance?

We aim to democratise education and hence created a transparent platform connecting lenders and borrowers. This reduces the complexity of education loans and allow students to fulfil their dreams of studying abroad. The platform enables students to get multiple borrowing options and choose fair pricing options.

Yes! MetaFinance connects students with leading financial institutions and assists in submitting loan applications to realise their study abroad dreams.

MetaFinance keeps your personal information safe and never shares it without permission. MetaFinance will never share your information with third parties for solicitation purposes, except to fulfil your requests.

MetaFinance requires your identification details during registration to speed up the verification process. Upon successful verification, you will be able to access all the necessary resources.

We are all ears to your requests, feedback, and suggestions. Please write to us at:

You should apply well before your study abroad timelines. Once you have assessed your financing options and have not found the right scholarship option, you should apply immediately. This will help you access a wider lender base and improve your chances of securing loans.

We help students secure loans for their global education through top nationalised banks, private banks, NBFCs, and international lenders.

At MetaFinance, we promote fair pricing and transparency for education loans. Our platform connects students with multiple top national and international lenders, fostering healthy competition and helping students access loans with competitive interest rates.

To apply for a loan, you’ll need to provide identification details, proof of enrolment, financial statements etc. These documents are essential for the verification process. We keep your information secure and use it only for your loan application.

MetaFinance supports students pursuing education abroad. Our platform guides students through the process, from application to loan disbursement. Our goal is to streamline the experience for students. Our responsive customer support team is available for any questions, feedback, or suggestions.