Scholarships in USA

Craft Your Success Stories with Endless Opportunities

With the enormous number of scholarships available to overseas students in the United States, one can widen up the opportunities to learning and opportunity for advancement. From pulsating towns to tranquil campuses, the United States is a symbol of academic quality and innovation. Our scholarships are more than just financial aid; they are the keys to unlocking your potential. Whether you want to study the arts, conquer the sciences, or build the future of business, our scholarships will help you get there. Dive into a universe of opportunities, challenge yourself, and reach the heights of your abilities. Your American learning adventure is waiting for you, and scholarships are your ticket to success.

Scholarship Programmes

Fulbright Foreign Student Program

Perhaps the most popular government-funded US scholarships for international students, Fulbright offers scholarships for graduate students, young professionals, and artists to study in the US for one year or more. Open to international students in all fields excluding medicine.

Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program

This is a non-degree scholarship program for international, experienced professionals wishing to undertake 10 months of academic study in the US. Although the funding doesn’t support degree qualifications, students are able to study and develop their knowledge at academic institutions across the nation.

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