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Take the Hassle Out of Study Abroad with us

Your Personalised Study Abroad Companion

We understand that embarking on a study abroad adventure is a transformative experience, filled with excitement and uncertainty. Our services are designed to be your compass, guiding you through the complexities of international education with care and expertise.

In-University Partnership Services

  • Establishing International Admissions Office & Student Recruitment Department
  • Educational Partnerships & Collaborations/MoU
  • Student & Faculty Mobility Services, Exchange Programmes & Joint Research Collaborations
  • Representation at International Events, and Conferences
  • Creating Pathways, Collaborative Degree Programmes with Prominent Universities
  • Facilitating International Fellowships, Scholarships & Grants
  • School Connect Programmes
  • Country-Wise Roadshows and International Weeks

Student Recruitment Services

  • Profile Assessment
  • Course & University Shortlisting
  • Admission Assistance/ Application & Admission Process
  • Scholarships Opportunities
  • Visa Guidance
  • Financial Guidance
  • Pre-Departure & Orientation

Marketing Services

  • Design & Branding
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Lead Generation

Miscellaneous Services

  • B2B Partner Recruitment or Sub-Agent Recruitment
  • B2B Engage Events

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