Our Story

Your Most Trusted Global Partner

Our Story

MetaApply began with a mission to revolutionise study abroad dream with an AI-based university/programme recommendation robust engine.

  • Providing worldclass education through selected universities globally
  • Enabling education consultants & institutions to help students realise their dream career
  • Transcending boundaries to reach every study abroad aspirant

When we started with our journey, we came across career hurdles acting as massive barriers for students in their path of success. There was unavailability of proper information, career guidance and right counselling about programmes, application requirements and processes. We witnessed admission uncertainty and confusing information exchange between education consultants and universities.

We started building a strong relationship with universities and recruitment agents with MetaApply as our vision. Our aim is to make global education application process effortless and accessible to every desirable student.

Vision & Mission

  • We as MetaApply envision ourselves as your most trusted partner in your student’s journey of global education.
  • At MetaApply our mission is to create a global community of students, universities and education consultants to help every aspiring student in every step of fulfilling their dream of studying in the exclusive universities in the world.
  • We believe our Al-Based Technology Product will make global education accessible to students, from all over the world.

Values At MetaApply

Client Focused

All our efforts are client focused and delight our clients through our services

Simple and Hassle-free Processes

All our processes are simple and hassle-free for Universities, agents and students

Efficient and Fast Results

We strive to deliver efficient and fast results

Accessible Global Education

We strive to make global education accessible to all

One-Stop-Shop Services

We provide all the services to realise a successful study abroad dream