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Published on 08 May, 2024

“Nobody can discover the world for someone else…”-Wendell Berry.
The American poet and novelist was absolutely correct when he stated this quote. What you can see and experience, you can tell a story of it to others and try your best to make them relive the moments with you; however, having firsthand experience of exploring the world is something that you would wish to do yourself. In the same way, no one else can take your IELTS online test for you, it must be you to crack it and get through it. However, you can always get assistance from experts to guide you with the right approach. As you are a study abroad aspirant or a dreamer who wishes to work and settle abroad, then IELTS is an English language proficiency test that you must take.

Today, in this blog we are going to cover everything you need to know about IELTS.

What Is IELTS?

IELTS or International English Language Testing System, is a popular English language proficiency test given by candidates who wish to study, work, or migrate abroad. This English proficiency exam is given by people who wish to go to an English-speaking country. To evaluate whether a person can survive and communicate in the native language (English language), people have to take this test. The IELTS exam is 2 hours 45 minutes long, with four major sections a test-taker must answer: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Based on the answers of each section a candidate gets scores ranging from 0-9 where 0 means a candidate didn’t attempt the IELTS exam and 9 means the test-tasker is an expert of it.
As the IELTS test is something a person takes when they wish to go abroad, some of the major countries that accept this English proficiency exam are the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. However, when taking the IELTS exam for work or study purposes, there are types of IELTS exams that a candidate should take.

Types Of IELTS Exams

Talking about the types of IELTS exams, these are not just IELTS online test or offline exams; however, there are three types of IELTS exams based on the different preferences of the candidate. The three major ITELTS exam types are:

IELTS Academic

One of the different types of IELTS exams is IELTS Academic. As the name suggests, this test is majorly taken by students who wish to study abroad. The IELTS Academic test assesses a student’s English language skills that will mainly be relevant to what they are going to study in their undergraduate or postgraduate education. This English test is divided into four sections: reading, writing, listening, and speaking, with each having time slots of 60, 60, 30+10, and 15 minutes each. These sections are then further segmented into various parts and tasks, especially for writing and reading. Lastly, to all the study abroad aspirants, if you are taking this exam, check what is the required band score in your dream college or university and then prepare accordingly.

IELTS General Training

The next in line is IELTS General Training, another IELTS exam that can be taken as an IELTS online test or offline exam based on the candidate’s preference. This IELTS exam is as much like the IELTS Academic exam. However, some things that are different are, a( this exam is taken by people who wish to migrate to an English-speaking country for work purposes or if they might study at a below-degree level course; b) like IELTS Academic, the IELTS General Training also contains four sections, reading, writing, listening, and speaking; however, a significant difference here is the reading and writing sections are different based on the difficulty level. The time allotted for this examination is also 2 hours 45 minutes, divided the same as in the IELTS Academic exam.

IELTS Life Skills

The third IELTS exam is IELTS Life Skills, even though it is a type of IELTS test, it is nothing like the other two. This English proficiency exam is taken by people who need to prove their English speaking and listening skills as a part of UK Visa and Immigration application, (aka UKVI). Through this exam, people intend to get a longer stay in the UK with their partner, spouse, or relative who is also a permanent UK resident. Besides that, people who wish to make the UK their permanent home and seek to become British citizens, are asked to take this exam. As this exam is for permanent residency, it is important to prove that a person can communicate in English by speaking and listening to the native language. Also, there is no such thing as a band score in this test, a candidate either passes the exam or fails it as per their English language skills.

IELTS Band Score Pattern

As we are discussing the IELTS format, you must know the exact IELTS scoring pattern. Indeed, there is no such thing as a good or bad band score, but if you are aiming to study or work abroad, you must check with your institution or the organisation about the minimum and maximum IELTS scores they accept. One of the major reasons why you should focus on the scoring pattern is that when you know what band score you are targeting, it will set a clear picture in your mind about how much practice you should do.
For your reference, below is the list of IELTS scoring patterns.

Why Choose IELTS?

When you decide to study abroad, you look out for the entire process from deciding the course and college to preparing for an English proficiency exam and where you are going to stay abroad. As you know for your visa process, providing an English proficiency exam result is crucial, before you begin your study abroad exam preparations. However, when it comes to finding a trusted test that is accepted by every institution worldwide, IELTS is the one for you. If you still wonder why, you should pick IELTS, below are the answers for you.

Trusted by Universities

Indeed, there are many English language proficiency tests that you can take for your Visa application. However, when we talk about authenticity and a test that has been in trend for the last 30 years, we have got IELTS. Trusted by more than 12000 institutions across the globe, the IELTS test is the best option for you. One reason that gives you the boost to pick an IELTS course is you get a chance to expand your vocabulary which helps you in your undergraduate or postgraduate journey.

Varied Test Options

The IELTS exam is not only for students to reach their dream destination, but it also helps immigrants to work abroad and then settle there with their spouse, family, or relatives. Before you begin your IELTS preparation course, you must check your need for the visa application. As IELTS offers various exams, IELTS Academic is for students, IELTS General Training is for work migrants, and IELTS Life Skills is for people who wish to stay abroad with their spouse, you can either take this exam in offline mode or can take it online.

World’s First Choice

The IELTS exam is the most trusted and authentic English language proficiency exam as it has been taken by more than 60000 people over 30 million times in the past 30 years. Created by global experts, IELTS is one such exam that helps you enhance your English language skills, expands your vocabulary, and helps you do flawless communication in English. This is one such exam that will make you a native English speaker even if you are not.

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As we come to the end, we believe you have got all the IELTS information, and you might not be as scared to take up the IELTS challenge as you were at the start. IELTS might look like an overwhelming English proficiency exam but when you know how you are going to tackle this exam, everything becomes easy. To make the IELTS preparations easier for you, MetaApply is here with the exclusive TestPrep sessions. From providing IELTS online coaching to guiding you in personal one-on-one sessions, MetaApply is there for you at each step. The counsellors of MetaApply also give you mock tests to solve for your better preparation. So, if you are done gaining all the knowledge and ready to discover the world yourself, let MetaApply be your guide in doing so. Visit our experience centres in your city and enroll for a free guiding session today.

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